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Conference Room Terms and Conditions 

We have an awesome room in the back of our building that is perfect for small private birthday parties, baby showers, meetings, chess tournaments, study groups and much, much more! It can hold up to 36 people depending on your needs.


Tables and chairs provided. You are free to decorate how you like as long as it doesn't include moving any furniture out of the room and the room can be returned exactly how it was. I.e no push pins, no duct tape, no wiping off the chalkboard art on the walls, etc. If you are unable to return the room to the way it was when you arrive then please don’t do it! 


*The Guest is financially responsible for any damages to the room while using*

A card must be placed on file to reserve the room in case of damages and/or fees. 


We will set up the room for you!

Our most popular set up styles:

Banquet Style: Two large tables and chairs surrounding them (up to 16 ppl)

Audience Style: Chairs arranged in rows facing the front (up to 36 ppl)

Circle Style: Chairs arranged in a circle around the room with no tables (up to 30 ppl)

Table Game Style: Individual small tables and chairs set up around the room (up to 16 ppl)


It's only $20 an hour during business hours!

  1. If The Guest extends their booked time beyond scheduled event end time, a $.50 a minute fee will be charged as it is inconsiderate to other customers who may have reserved the room after you.

  2. A $30 to $50 clean up fee will be charged depending on the mess left by The Guest. If no mess is left no clean up fee will be charged. 

No outside food or drinks allowed.

  1. If The Guest brings in outside food and drinks, the cost of the room will be raised to $50/hour or the entire booking will be canceled with no refund.


*We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone and ask guests to leave if they become disrespectful, threatening, violent, etc.*


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